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I hate it when your non-cheer friends are like “why can’t you just skip practice”its like DO YOU NOT NO WHAT A TEAM IS!? IF I DON’T SHOW UP THEN MY STUNTS CAN’T GO.UP, FORMATIONS ARE OFF. SO NO I CAN’T JUST SKIP PRACTICE.

my friend said after, “oh i understand, i do track”

she does track

she understands 

yeah ok, i said to her

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Austin Peay State University - NCA College Nationals 2014

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East Celebrity Elite - C5

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Hey, you are sooo sexy! Are you naughty?

I will punt you across the country

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Tyler ☺️

m2 work work

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I'm a backspot and my bases don't think I do anything for the stunt they don't appreciate me and think I just stand there but that's really hurtful bc I put my all into stunts and they think it's themselves my flyer constantly tells them that if I wasn't there they couldn't put her up or catch her idk what to do bc I love the bases as people they just don't understand that I'm important what should I do?

gurl the same thing happened to me and I told them I couldn’t work in a stunt group that made me feel bad about my back spotting and they stopped, but just give it your all and lift up as hard as you can and show them you’re really trying

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teal army: let’s kill everyone!

wait but this post is actually hilarious because if you go through the notes each one you click has a different post like people just change it to seem like they’re worthy of 12mil notes

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teal army: let’s kill everyone!
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hahahah an oldie but goldie i found on my computer

Matt smith changed since he’s been with carly :/


what do you mean? it’s real

this is terrifying

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Sun Barbz

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Twinkles: Chasing Perfection documentary is out FINALLLLLY 

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is this mean? I hope not..

You should never joke about this.This was a very dark time for CA.a lot of those girls left with blood shed and two I think busted their head open and had to get stitches.What’s funny about that?

it’s saying that cheerleading should be considered a sport because of how dangerous it is. it’s not like it’s saying “lol aces suck they tumbled into each other what losers”

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check out this cool phone case!!

So high fashion

Where can I buy one?

OMG pls!!!!!

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