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Mia,16 Any questions, just ask!




bruh I love se and all but I feel like I’ve been seeing that lib to heel stretch to scorp combo for years now

watching tumbling like this makes me want to tumble so bad.

Yes boots!!! Ody alumni right there kids she’s the shit

im glad they have some flexible flyers though

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Imagine and ECE and WC merger….

that would be 5 gyms in one I’m crying

east elite -> celebrity

star tyme -> cheer central stormz

ece -> stormz (ece central)

ece -> wc

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fun fact: as distant as I am on here, and even though I don’t have any friends or know anyone from the cheer side of tumblr, I really appreciate all the opportunities I’ve gotten out of this. I love reading the messages I get (even though I don’t respond to a lot of the repeat questions- my inbox has 110 messages), and I always scroll through notes on the things I post because I love reading what you guys are saying. and idk, I’m feeling really appreciative tonight and I’m glad that I can interact with a lot of you, because I don’t want 17k followers to make me less of a person and more of just a nameless URL that occasionally posts. thank you guys so much for following me and being the best followers!

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Another thing to the anon: I've gone through the same thing, anon. You can come talk to me if you ever need to, I promise, my ask box is open.


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I will never understand why people wear full makeup to practice…

i will never understand why people care about what other people do when it doesn’t concern them in the slightest


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ECE Tewksbury new gym uniforms

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Best latin american teams

I don’t know any sorry :(

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To that anon- KEEP CHEERING! I struggled with depression and nearly committed suicide two years ago and I'm not kidding, the only thing that stopped me was my cheer team. It was knowing that the team would literally fall apart without me that kept me going; all star was the only place where I felt I was valuable and actually necessary. So keep cheering no matter what, I promise you you'll get through it. I still have rough days, but I'm better and I owe it all to cheer.


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I just found this under my bed lol

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Ik you may not care but I Cheer varsity for my highschool but I have an abnormal downfall. I cut myself &I'm nervous about what the other girls may think.. Cheer is my passion &I love to compete.. It seems to be the only think to ease my depression

if it eases your depression, by all means keep doing it. one of my friends that was on my team last year had scars on her thighs but no one mentioned it, hopefully the same will go for you. if you’re really self conscious about them, maybe wrap your wrists in prewrap and tell people you have weak wrists or something lol. but honestly, I do care, please don’t hurt yourself anymore and don’t let it be the reason you stop cheering

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hi! I really want to try out for a senior level two team and I'm a sophomore in high school, I'm so nervous though because I'm scared everyone will be younger than me and I've never cheered before 🙈

I’m gonna be a junior and I’m the oldest on my team, it honestly doesn’t affect me, even though the youngest girl is 9, but you’ll do fine I’m sure of it (:

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opinion on male flyers?

if u got it flaunt it

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are you going to nca this year?

idk yet

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i have nudes on my blog, just click HERE & click my “nudes 18+” tab! but only if you’re 18!


oh nice

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before to after :’)

original photos by me (its-a-cheerleader-thing)


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