Cheerleading Problems

East Celebrity Elite Central Sr. Ice


Mia,16 Any questions, just ask!

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Idk if anyone can help, but for the past 2 weeks Tumblr hasn’t been showing the date/time of any posts on my dash after I scroll down for a few minutes. It also won’t let me bookmark my place with Missing e. I reinstalled e and it’s still doing this? Can anyone help?

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I love Harlem Shake vids omg perfect

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Morning Practices


Generally feel like


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The fact that she’s wearing a FL Wildcats uni though :)

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these unis

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i really like these unis

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Where do you cheer?

Cheer Central Stormz in Lancaster, MA

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Cheerleaders ft. Smoed- episode 3

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such pretty uniforms!

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Thinking about when I get a job over the summer & get money, I should buy a nice ballet barre, big mirror, and marley flooring so I can practice at home. This makes me excited.
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Help! How do you store your cheer bows? I have no clue what do to with mine, my old way of keeping them just doesn't work out.

I have one of those things you hang over the top of your door and it has a whole bunch of hooks on it and I hang them there, but its not on my door its on these wire cube things idk.

it looks like this

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please look at the text post i posted in the cheerleading tag.

Hey guys. 

I want to apologize for the picture I posted. It was more of a joke than anything, and I wasn’t really thinking when I tagged cheerleading. That was kind of a bitch move. 

I do think cheerleading is just as hard as guard. They’re two completely different things, and they shouldn’t really be compared at all. I can’t do what you guys do, and you guys can’t do what we do.

The only reason I bought the shirt is because there are cheerleaders at school who talk shit about the guard and I thought it would be funny to piss them off. I posted the picture on here because a friend of mine wanted to see it and I couldn’t send it privately.

Long story short, I’m sorry. I deleted the post but it can still be reblogged, which is something I can’t change.”

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