Cheerleading Problems
This blog is about all of the problems that come with the sport we love. We also post cheer pics, videos, news, etc!
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Guy cheerleaders are way hotter than regular guys.
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ARTIST: Stingray All Stars.
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Stingray All Stars - Orange

Worlds Mix 2012

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Ughhh why can't good gyms be close to my house???

move idk

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what is pop warner? sorry, but i dont get the difference between all star and pop warner! haha (:

Pop Warner is like High School but for ages 5-14 basically

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About the last question. I have seen pivtures of ya on here

ohh ok haha

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Everyone please pray for miguel.



He is my coach at Topgun and he’s been in a terrible accident and he’s currently in a coma. every prayer counts so please pray for miguel.

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I saw u at the pop warner comp. A couple weeks ago at the sundome . What do you think is the best team there?

holy crap haha how do you know what I look like?

Um, at the Sundome comp….I honestly can’t remember haha.

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Need Panthers/cheetahs videos from yesterday? where?
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All the cheerleaders put yo hands in da airrr~ \m/

I want this beautiful bow.

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what team would you rather cheer for? all stars or pop warner? and why?

even though I miss my PW team a lot, All Stars because its much more challenging and it’s taken a lot more seriously and is well respected. Also, better unis. -Mia

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What team for pop waraner did you cheer for? Sorry i keep bothering u with this :)

I was on Shrewsbury Colonials (I trust you not to stalk me) but the fattest we ever went was Regionals. And you’re not bothering me haha! -Mia

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