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Mia,16 Any questions, just ask!

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Uhhhh no me gusta

not sure how I feel about this. I think I like the skirts better but Gabie can rock anything. 

uhm, yeah skirts all the way.  these short are awkwardly high waisted

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the unis

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What a joke

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i have issues w/ my toe touch. it's like i dont feel myself get high enough to bring my legs up.

do hip flexers they help and stretch a lot

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What's an at large bid?

the competition pays for everything

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will Worlds 2012 air on TV? Or has it already? If it has or will, what channel?

it was already on i think

either that or it wasnt on at all

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i'm kinda scared to work on tumbling since im like extreme beginner. but i want to improve. can you help?

same sitch gurl

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Do you think I could get a scorpion and a needle by may????? What stretches do I need to do?

if you stretch a lot, yes

watch gabi butler’s video

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Hi! So I'm a newbie in the cheer world, so I have a one question: When is Worlds and will it be televised? And if it is, what channel? Thanks! (Sorry for being anon)

idk sorry i think its on espn2 but i never watch it on there

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the sparkled bow (the page on your spreadshirt tab) doesn't work :(

i lost my spreadshirt password so i cant figure out whats wrong

cry with me, anon


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Look how empty it is compared to worlds where you can’t sit anywhere haha!

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I’m at ESPN wide world of sports for my friends gymnastics comp & I feel like I’m going to worlds haha! Can’t wait for worlds though

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